Unique DIY Fortnite Halloween Costume Ideas

The game Fortnite has made many people, especially children, obsessed over it. Many people who love to celebrate Halloween want to find Fortnite Halloween costume ideas. However, not everything can be replicated the right way. There are many characters that can be replicated very easily. Moreover, designing your own costume means that you will not end up looking the same as the others. Here are some DIY Fortnite Halloween costumes which are given below:

Costume Idea as Scoundrel and Rapscallion

Both of these are characters from the game Fortnite. Both of these characters are somewhat identical except a minor difference. The scoundrel has a mustache which differentiates the character from Rapscallion. You can get a black and white striped t-shirt along with black cargo pants. You will also need finger cut black gloves. It is best if the gloves are slightly used to give it a more original look. Take a face paint mask and any old used backpack and you are perfectly ready. The best thing is that it is a unisex look hence, both boys and girls could easily dress up as them.

Fortnite Halloween Costume Ideas as Agent Rio

The best thing about Halloween is that you can dress up as anything. Agent Rio is a character which would not lead you to spend much. You just need a tie, a pencil skirt, a vest, boots, and tights. Combine all of these items as you will surely look like Agent Rio. Make sure that these clothes match the colors of the actual character. You can spot funky glasses which will make you look like an agent. You can look stylish on Halloween as this character. Be the agent among your friends and have a blasting Halloween.

DIY Costume as Sun Tan Specialist

This is one of the easiest Halloween Fortnite costume ideas. To justify this costume you would need a men’s tank top and guard swimsuit short. You can also take a whistle, shades, flip flops, rope and strap back to make them look more real.

There are many other Fortnite Halloween Costume ideas which can be used. You do not have to spend much and could just use items which are present in your daily life. Dress up as your favorite character from Fortnite and have an amazing Halloween.

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