Hi!  I’m Shveta Virmani, a content strategist by profession and a fun loving, enthusiastic, live life to the fullest kind of person by nature.

It isn’t easy to juggle my brainchild- ‘Rank One Content’, a content solution company, and my twin boys, but it has been an exhilarating journey so far. The least I can say for myself is that- I manage! Of course, being an entrepreneur and a mom has its challenges, but for the most part- I like how it keeps me on my toes!

Shveta VirmaniI worked for 10 years as a freelance editor and in those days, I had more time to devote to my interests like writing, crafting home décor items, listening to music or pouring over fashion magazines and websites! I have a more hectic schedule now, so I am glad I have been able to channelize my passion into my websites and blogs- especially, fashionizm.com. Fashionizm truly reflects how big a fashion enthusiast I am!

Professionally, I also offer content writing and development services in various niches and sectors. When it comes to this aspect of my work, I focus on developing pertinent content which can balance needs with results. So far, I can say that I have successfully managed several medium to large scale content development projects with certain levels of proficiency and been able to achieve performance targets.

What keeps me motivated is the strength and constant joy I derive from my family. Also, the thrill I get out of meeting challenges headfirst encourage me to keep growing, both personally and professionally.

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