All You Need to Know About Ariana Grande Tattoos

Ariana Grande tattoos are of different kinds in different places on her body which has different depictions. Many of her tattoos have been to represent her albums and some has been done for her best friend or other close people in her life. Each of her tattoos has a deep meaning and holds a very important significance in her life. However, there are certain mistakes which are associated with some of her tattoos.

Fault in Ariana Grande Tattoos

Having a tattoo is a permanent job and having a faulty tattoo is a big mistake which cannot always be rectified. Ariana Grande has several tattoos on her body, each of which holds a different place for her. However, she has a Japanese tattoo which was supposed to be in dedication to her new hit single which is 7 rings.

For this, she got a tattoo in Japanese which was supposed to say 7 rings. However, the Ariana Grande Japanese tattoo became a huge reason for media attack when people saw that it read shichirin which means a charcoal grill.

Discussion of the Faulty Tattoo

There have been a lot of discussions in the media regarding the faulty tattoo. Due to this accidental tattoo mistake, there was a lot of flak that she received from people. This mistake was explained by her in a post stating that she has endured a lot of pain to get the tattoo done. The unbearable pain is what led her to not get the rest of the tattoo done. She further stated that she might get the tattoo rectified.

Rectification of the Tattoo

The tattoo was rectified by her within a day. She consulted a Japanese expert to get the correct form of the tattoo. She further took expert help to know how to right the tattoo. She stated that she went to great lengths such as getting lidocaine shots to fix the tattoo.

There are many other Ariana Grande tattoos that are beautiful and hold a deep meaning to her as a person. The corrected tattoo finally depicts what she actually wanted it to, which are her 7 rings hit single.

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