Freaky Labret Piercing for that Extra Pizzazz You Crave For

Labret piercing is a kind of face piercing which is placed below the lower lip right above the chin. It is more striking than the other types of piercings like tragus piercing or conch piercing. It is also known as the soul patch or tongue pillar piercing. Labret studs, ball closure rings, curved barbells or circular barbells are the popular jewelry used for labret piercing. Side labret piercing is referred to as a piercing done on the bottom lip either on the right or the left side and piercing down on the upper lip is known as the ‘Monroe piercing.’

Types of Labret Piercing

There are a lot of variations in this type of piercing based on the position of the wearer’s lower lip.

  • Vertical Labret: It is done with the popular labret piercing jewelry; that is the curved barbell. The piercing is done through the topmost part of a person’s lower lip.
  • Snake Bites: This is a dual piercing that are placed close together and resembles the fangs of a
  • Spider Bites: It is a dual piercing and is placed on the lower lip. The piercings are much closer than the ‘snake bites’ type.
  • Dolphin Bites Piercing: These are dual piercings either placed on the lower lip’s central part or just below it.
  • Shark Bites Piercing: It resembles the spider or viper bites piercing and is done on both sides of the bottom lips.

Most Popular Labret Piercing Jewelry

  • Labret Studs: As the name suggests is one of the most popular options for labret piercings. All types of bite piercings use this jewelry. It is generally made from titanium, surgical steel or acrylic.
  • Circular Barbells: This is a good substitute for the labret studs. It is generally crafted from acrylic.
  • Ball Closure Rings: This jewelry is the same as the circular barbell.
  • Curved Barbells: This is a piece of popular jewelry used for labret piercings. It offers an array of jewelry variations that include balls, figurine tops, spikes or different colors.

Make an edgy style statement with these over-the-top labret piercings.

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