How Much Is Too Much For A Hen Do?

A rite of passage for any bride-to-be, the hen do has become big business in recent years, with boozy one-offs in your local town centre now replaced by sophisticated, and elongated, celebrations with your nearest and dearest.

A recent survey estimated that the average cost of attending a friend’s send-off into matrimony is £204.82 per guest.

However, costs can soon spiral out of control if you don’t keep a close watch on your spending – but is it all worth it in the end?

Costs on the rise

Whether it’s a pamper session at a spa, a sightseeing city break, or a party weekend somewhere exotic, the rising standards of hen dos is also hitting those who attend in the pocket.

While the hen will generally go cost-free – it is all about her after all – that means that other attendees will have to foot the bill, so careful consideration needs to be paid to the finances as well as the fun.

Going overseas for a hen could cost anywhere north of £1,000 when flights, transfers, accommodation and activities are taken into account.

When it matters more

One of your best friends, or even a sister, getting married will near enough guarantee your spot on the hen, but the waters can get muddied when invites come from outside of your tight-knit group of friends.

A work colleague you’re not the closest with, someone you were pals with at school, or that old neighbour you’ve not spoken to since moving – an invite from any of them might lead to some awkward considerations. How much do you value their friendship?

How the celebs do it

Many of us look to the world of celebrity for any number of influences in our lives, whether it’s fashion, diet, or other elements of our lifestyle.

As you’d expect, hen parties of the rich and famous can be an inspiration for many. Kim Kardashian’s tour of Paris was a classic choice that you might be able to replicate, at a slightly different price point.

How can you save?

Booking either early, to benefit from promotional offers, or leaving it to the last minute can often drive costs down – the latter especially if you don’t mind exactly where you’re going or if you’re a fan of the thrill that holiday roulette can bring!

If you know exactly how you want the hen to pan out, however, it’s time to draw up a list of guests, plan the events and maybe consider your funding options, which will allow you to pay off the trip over time.