How Does the Green Screen Tattoo Work?

Tattoos are a much-hyped trend for the last few years. There are many cool tattoos which have erupted time and again just like the current craze of green screen tattoo. Tattoos are an art form that people love to permanently have on their skin. There are different kinds of tattoos that people choose for themselves. Having skin art is permanent and therefore it is necessary that the kind of tattoo you make is something you love and want for life.

The Innovation of Green Screen Tattoo

This tattoo is an innovative idea of a tattoo artist named Roy Lee Rowlett. This idea emerged from the actual concept of a green screen which is used in film and TV industries. The green screen is used in these industries to insert the kind of background that they need for the shot. The color green is left in the background so that different kinds of props or other backgrounds can be imposed in it. The green, in this case, is more of a transparent background which other images are superimposed to create a different effect altogether.

The Work of the Artist

In this tattoo, the artist represents an image of Rick and Morty standing in front of a portal. This image has been taken from the actual Rick and Morty show. The portal in the tattoo is shown to be green and with the use of software, different images can be seen on the other side of the portal. Below the art is a quote which states that it is a portal. The art has been done in an excellent way which makes it one of the coolest tattoo arts to date.

The Technology of the Tattoo

Different images and animations can be seen in the green screen of the tattoo with the help if a video editor or other software. This is a tattoo which shows some real motion images when played through the software. This process is known as Chromakeying which is used in the making of the tattoo.

The green screen tattoo is the current rage in the market and people are crazy about getting it inked. You can get this tattoo from experienced tattoo artists and have a live visual screen on your body.