Trendy Goddess Braids Hairstyles That Can Give You That Ethereal Look

Goddess braids are thicker versions of cornrows. They are braided so tightly together that you can also call it the ‘’protective’’ style that lasts for weeks on end! No doubt they make you look like the goddess you are! Check out these amazing Goddess Braids Hairstyles to flaunt that gorgeous hair!

Awesome Goddess Braids Hairstyles and Ideas You Must Try At Once

Coiled Spiral:

This coils around your head and creates a pretty spiral effect. This is not only beautiful but also very comfortable during summers since it keeps all your hair away from your face and neck.


Scared of getting a Mohawk because you’d have to shave half your hair? We have the perfect solution for you! Go for twisted goddess braids at the sides and back of your scalp and then curl your hair on top for a great fauxhawk style!

Fish Ponytail:

Start with a goddess braid fishtail, and add thinner cornrows on either side to create a sharp contrast. Complete the warrior princess’ look with a simple ponytail at the back.

Goddess Braids Ideas in Bun Styles for a Chic And Classy Look:

3D Bun:

This is the most intricate hairstyle you can possibly get! Get 3D goddess braids at the front that look nothing short of a crown! Add a curly updo at the back keeping some loose hair for a sophisticated yet funky style.

Ballerina Bun:

This simple style looks as elegant as it gets! Get four goddess braids from all around your head to converge in the middle and now you have a graceful bun to channel your inner ballerina!

Swirly Bun:

Alternating thin and thick goddess braids spin back into a low braided bun to give it a whimsical, swirly and quirky look!

For more such goddess braids updo, check out the gallery below.

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