Ultra Chic Bridesmaid Hairstyles to Add Grace and Panache to Your Look

Interested to sport a chic bridesmaid hairstyle? Here we have rounded up some chic bridesmaid hairstyles for all types of hair, that is long, medium, short and much more. You can try down curls, up curls to the braid hairstyles depending on the length of hair. Check out the popular wedding hairstyles for long hair here such as vintage inspired side-swept roll, half up half down, textured curls with puffy top, chic braided hairstyles etc. Loose curls coupled with side-swept bangs, curly bun adorned with garnish embellishment, pinned naturally curly updo are some of the popular black bridesmaid hairstyles

Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

  • Romantic soft waves coupled with the teased top
  • Wavy textured bob with a messy finish
  • Layered bob along with curved fringes and high volume
  • Messy updo hairstyle
  • Rounded smooth bob along with the side-swept bangs

Flattering Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

  • Chignon: The chignon is ideal bridesmaid hairstyles for medium hair to long hair. This is a classy and feminine hairstyle which is suitable for weddings as chignons can be dressed up with stylish hair embellishments.
  • French Braid: This French braid is another popular bridesmaid hair updo, which is suitable for formal events. Those who want to flaunt their tresses, this is the hairstyle for you. Complete the look with a swanky pair of sterling silver earrings.
  • Pony Hairstyle: The ponytail is another chic bridesmaid hairdo. You need to do up your hair with a hair band into a pony. Take some strands from your pony and then twist around your hair band. Next, fix your twisted hair under your pony with a pin. You can even sport a low pony, which would look ravishing with a sheath dress.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Short Hair

  • Graduated Bob Coupled with Long Side-Bangs: This inverted bob is a suitable hairdo for brides with short hair. It looks perfect on light gold blonde hair streaked with caramel.
  • Wavy Textured Bob Coupled with Wispy Points: Look trendy in this wavy middle-parted hairdo, which is perfect for either a brunette or blonde. The wispy ends and texture are the two main features of this hairdo.

With a good idea about bridesmaid hairstyles, you can choose one that suits you the best.

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