59 Incredibly Simple Rustic Décor Ideas That Can Make Your Home Look Like It Has Been Transported from the Countryside

How many of you dream about living in the countryside? Not exactly city conveniences, but the rustic setup is pretty and charming like anything, no? Well, if you want you can bring home some of the charms with these rustic décor ideas. And like true country people, DIY some of these or spend small amounts to transform the interior/exterior décor of your house.

The Versatility of Reclaimed Wood and Pallets in Rustic Décor

Rustic décor and wood collected from woodlands go hand in hand. In the cityscape, it might be hard to come across woodlands or to collect driftwood. But you can always find rejected/old/worn out furniture and wooden items. Repurposing ‘junk’ wood is a great way to get your house some rustic décor without shelling out tons of cash. Sandpaper and your preferred wood stains are often enough to supply.  Wooden pallets also make great additions as rustic décor. Entry way benches, entry way organizers, mail holders, headboards and coffee tables are only a handful of stuff you can add with repurposed wood for great rustic ambience.

Other Ways You Can Bring Home the Country Vibe

Do you have lots of old light bulbs lying around? Don’t trash them. Transform them into extremely pretty flower vases that you can hang up anywhere. Bring in a few plants home and care for them. Use twine décor as much as you want. Hot glue twines to cupboard handles, old bottles, lampshades etc for a country side décor. You can be as down to earth with your décor as you want when you want to achieve a rustic feel. That, however, does not mean that you can’t style stuff up. Use bold paint to complement and contrast your décor in style!

For more awesome rustic décor ideas, check out this unique, creative and totally inspiring collection!

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