63 Crazily Stylish Travel Tattoos Ideas to Inspire the Wanderlust Within You

Tattoos have become immensely popular in the last ten years. Tattoos have a rich history and culture. Tribal people have tattoos inked on them as a mark of achievement in their lives, such as attaining adulthood, getting married, as a celebration of their hunting skills, etc. Sailors have also popularized the travel tattoos, as these tattoos signify the various destinations they have visited. Thus, travel tattoos have become the latest souvenirs. They remind the travelers of the various adventures undertaken, lessons learned, trips made and about the various traditions, cultures, and customers the tourists came across.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Having the Tattoo Inked

While choosing a travel tattoo to be inked on your body, be careful about the right color, font, and style of the tattoos, to make it stand out. For a bold statement, choose the black shade. Ensure all the colors of your tattoo blend well for creating the dramatic effect. Make sure your font is at least visible, as there is no point choosing a stylish illegible font.

Some Popular Travel Tattoo Designs

A travel tattoo design is one that inspires you to travel. Getting the perfect tattoo design can be quite a challenging task. The adventurous tourists want to experiment and try out new tattoo ideas but the most popular ones are of maps, sparrows, airplanes or compasses, which represent well-traveled, freedom and homeward bound.

Inspire the traveler in you with some bohemian travel tattoos. Do not compromise on the quality of your tattoo by looking for a cheap tattoo artist. Tattoos are permanent art design and thus shelling out the extra buck is worth it. Check out and select the best one from an inspiring collection available here.

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