57 Beautiful Wedding Garters That You Would Never Want To Toss

A bride’s wedding day attire remains incomplete without a classy wedding garter. The garter is worn just above the knee and it remains hidden underneath the bride’s wedding gown. As per custom, the bridegroom retrieves it. He then tosses the same to all the single men. Whosoever is able to catch that bridal garter is supposed to be the next one married. Today, a wide variety of most beautiful wedding garters is available to choose from. They come in an array of colors and styles.

Things To Consider While Buying The Right Bridal Garter  

  • The budget should be your top priority. Depending on the amount you plan to invest in buying the wedding garter, you can explore the choices. Some of the most elegant wedding garters are available at reasonable rates on websites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.
  • The next important thing is the color. Though most garters come in white color, some of them are decorated with colored accents. You can also choose the garters that are pure white and decorated with crystals, rhinestones, charms, ribbons, etc.
  • You also have to focus on the quantity that you have to buy. Traditionally, brides prefer to buy two garters. The one is for tossing whereas the couple keeps the other with them.

One Size Fits All

Unlike wedding gowns and wedding shoes, you do not have to worry about the size while buying a bridal garter. The best part is that the construction of all the garters is almost same and an elastic band is incorporated so as to make the garter fit nicely over the bride’s thigh, just above the knee. So, practically ‘one size fits all’!

Garter Sets Are A Popular Choice

Amazing garter sets are available in the market. The set usually contains one main garter, which is for keepsake and a smaller bridal garter that the bridegroom tosses to the single men. You will find a lot of beautiful wedding garter sets in which both garters are packed together. Some garter sets include a garter belt as well.

Where to buy from?

You can explore our collection of beautiful wedding garters and then download the pictures that fascinate you the most. Try to find similar garters at e-commerce portals, lingerie stores, party shops, formal wear boutiques and bridal salons. You can also have a look at vintage garter sets or customized garters.

Beautiful Wedding Garters

Amazing Increadible Bridal Garter Amazing increadible custom wedding garters Amazing increadible wedding garters

Amazing simple wedding garters Arizona Wildcats wedding garter Baseball wedding garter beautiful bride wearing a set of our blue garters California Highway Patrol (CHP) wedding garter set in Navy, Gold, and Ivory, with CHP Wife embroidery personalization and handcuffs charm Classy blue wedding garter Classy collection of wedding garters Classy crystal wedding garter Classy net wedding garter Classy simple wedding garter Classy stylish wedding garter Classy Wedding Garters You Will Love cool classy bride garter Custom order bridal garter set Custom order floral bridal garter set Customised wedding garter custom-made policeman Wedding garter cute lace wedding garter cute wedding garter with a bow Dark Queen Wedding Garter Delicate Chantilly Silk White Lace and Swarovski Pearls Delicate Wedding Garter with Swarovski Crystals Elegant Air Soft wedding garters in different colours Fancy wedding garter floral wedding garter designs for spring weddings Fun shot of Penn State Nittany Lions wedding garter garter with vintage lace Glam wedding garter Ivory Lace Garter with Personalised Bow Lace Wedding Garters winging their way to you Limited edition, vintage luxury, Nottingham lace wedding garter Low profile wedding garter Marilyn Monroe Ivory bridal wedding garter New flat lace wedding garters Perfect Wedding Garters You Will Love pretty wedding garter style Pride of Ireland wedding garter set Romantic Wedding Garter For Your Wedding Romantic Wedding Garters You Will Love simple floral wedding garter Stunning wedding garter stylish wedding garter style with ivory and a gray-ish blue satin Stylish wedding garter Stylish Wedding Garters You Will Love Super gorgeous Wedding Garters You Will Love Ultra stylish blue crystal wedding garter unbelievably pretty Hayley garter Utility wedding garter Vintage Inspired Lace Garters Wedding Garter And Ringbearer Set Ivory And Coral With Chantilly Lace Wedding garters you won't want to toss wonderful bridal garter

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