53 Contemporary Modular Kitchen Design Ideas Coming from Expert Interior Designers

Gone are the days, when kitchen solely meant for food preparation. Thanks to the advancement of time and modernization, it is now the hub of our nest which not only helps you with all the lip-smacking wonders but also allows you to create sweet memories with your loved ones: be it over cooking, or bonding over neighborhood gossips. The kitchen deserves to be lauded with an entrancing make-over.

Here are few absolutely stunning contemporary modular kitchen ideas to try and are a sure shot hit.

Pull-Out Knife Board

Pull-out knife boards are totally snazzy and are up-on-the-minute owing to the size they save on besides adding on to your convenience.

Cabinet with Built In Trash-Cans

Trash-cans when left outside not only eats up storage but also tends to look odd amidst other stylish elements. Besides, why to expose the junk to the world when you can always afford to lock them away in your cabinet?

Kitchen Drawers with Cordial Pegs

You’ve had kitchen drawers all this while where you literally for yourself struggling to get that piece of your plate out for dinner. How about getting it replaced with groovy kitchen drawers that contain friendly pegs and glass sides, where you can set the daily-to-use crockery and take them out with ease?

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels aren’t new but are often brushed off, when it comes to revamping your kitchen. Build a sliding panel just beside the burner, where you can hoard up on your daily-use spices and condiments, instead of crafting the age-old shelves on the walls.

Customized Cabinet

Cabinets are never made as per your choice. Never mind, you can always customize it to your needs and requirements. Design a cabinet, which can keep all your essential electronic appliances together: your oven, grinder, blender or coffee maker.

The Dainty Spot

You’re an avid traveler, and there’s nothing more you want in life than purchasing unique exotic crockery and pretty mason jars. Thus, you need a small corner where you can actually stash up on things that you collected from all across the globe.

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Cabinet with Pull-out Shelves

Cabinets have been your kitchen’s favorite since a lifelong, but cabinets with pull-out shelves are absolutely trendy. They are the ultimate winners and so much convenient for your usage.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is just so much appropriate for your modular kitchen owing to its prettiness. You can choose from the glass trio pendant lighting, for an airy and a breezy look, or you can simply choose the woven-wicker shades for a more cosmopolitan look.

Go Monochromatic

The best and easiest way to go modern is by bringing about a monochromatic look. Choose an exclusive flea market style, metal pendant lights, and black barstools, to give an aura of sophistication and class.

Revamp your kitchen space into something groovy and stylish with these modular kitchen design ideas from the best of Interior designers in Bangalore. Explore the modular kitchen ideas that are a complete winner.

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