Trending Necklace Designs for Teenage Girls

Jewelry is something that every girl loves, irrespective of age. Be it a self-possessed or gifted; jewelries are always loved. Beautiful designs and styles are what they all look for while shopping for the jewelries. Modern designs are always trending and change as per the fashion. However, some fashions stay for long. In the world of jewelries, GNN name necklace and heart necklace are such examples.

Style of the 80s

In the 80s, necklaces with the names engraved on them were quite fashionable in the African-American community. Soon, like any other fashion trend, this also faded out with a rise to the personalized jewelries.

Very soon, it became quite a popular trend, even outside the African-American community. One could see people wearing name necklace of either themselves or loved-ones or celebrities. There were different types and styles of name necklace such as necklaces with just initials, cross necklaces, necklaces with monogram pendants, etc.

New Trends

As the fashion trends kept changing, the fashion for heart necklace with name also started dying down. But in the early 2000s, the trend started again. Name necklace, once again, became popular among the teenagers. Gifting a necklace with his/her name or name of someone special was considered heart-warming and special. These are now handed down to generations due to its durability.


Unlike other pieces of jewelry, necklaces with name are pocket-friendly. Due to its growing popularity, many jewelers make customized name necklace. One can getnamenecklace made on order at a reasonable price. One can even choose the metal he/she wants the necklace to be made in and the thickness he/she would like to have. Being pocket-friendly teenagers can easily afford to buy them out of their savings.

Buy Them Online

Name necklaces come in sterling silver, 18k gold plated metal and rose gold plated metal. They are also designed in different styles like classic, crown, infinity, carrie, and mini nameplates. The name necklace can also be made name necklace in Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese languages. There is a personalized charm necklace that can be gifted to kids.

Another popular style is the horizontal style of necklace with name and initials in birthstones. There are heart-shaped necklaces that are not cute but also a perfect gift a loved one. Another trend that has been going on is the initials with an emoji.

These personalized necklaces make a perfect gift for someone or a teen as they make a style statement.