Stunning Tie Dye Baby Shower Ideas Celebrating the New Mom

Tie-dye baby shower ideas are a fun way to welcome the baby to the world. A baby shower is always a time for happiness, the joy in welcoming a beautiful baby. And there could be no other way to celebrate your friend’s or loved one’s baby shower if not with a tie-dye theme. Homemade tie dye baby shower invitations would make for a special touch.

Chic and Fun Tie DYE Baby Shower Ideas

With this, you would be able to celebrate the occasion with so many vibrant colors and smile on everyone’s face. It would be a great keepsake after the shower would be over. It is time that you get crafty with the below-mentioned ideas. If you are a fan of the 70s, then you could include 70s decorations too making it memorable for the newborn mother.

Easy Innovative Tie Dye Patterns

Tie-Dye Themed Decoration:

If you are doing the baby shower in the backyard then on sunny days, balloons could never get old. You could use balloons from the gate, the entry point to where the baby shower is happening. You could incorporate the tie-dye theme in this one while playing along with the greenery of the backyard. With a festive ‘hey baby’ tie-dye balloon it would be perfect. You could go for an adorable photo backdrop.

Tie dye baby shower ideas 1Tie-Dye Themed Food and Snacks:

You could incorporate the tie-dye theme in this by going for blue plates or cups. Also, going for dessert, why not go for tie-dye icing over cookie and cupcakes and make it a memorable one?

Tie-Dye Party-Based Activities:

Learn how to tie-dye with fun activities. You could go for something unique rather than the opening gifts tradition and create a DIY table for everyone. Here guests would with tie-dye themes make their safe onesie and blankets for the baby.

These are some of the tie-dye baby shower ideas which would be different from how it is celebrated traditionally. Bring in guests and friends and make it special for the soon to be a mom. Below, find some tie-dye onesie designs for the baby.