Sleek, Soft, and Sumptuous: The Luxury Fox Fur Jacket

Fox fur has long been one of the most popular types of fur used in the fashion industry due to several factors. First, with the exception of mink, fox fur comes in the most diverse range of natural colors out of all animal furs, and the fur can be dyed to virtually any other color. Second, fox fur has long and silky guard hairs, which provides a degree of water resistance to the pelt. Finally, fox fur has a soft underlayer of thick and dense fur, which provides the thick texture, sheen, and lushness to the fur. It also adds insulation and warmth.

Considering all these amazing qualities inherent to natural fox fur, it is any wonder why it is used to create high-end fashion accessories such as lush fox fur gloves, thick fox fur scarves, and luxurious fox fur jackets? In this article, you will know tips and tricks on how to choose and care for your very own luxury fox fur jacket.

 Types of Fox Fur

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why natural fox fur is so popular to use for clothing is the wide range of different colors and qualities that makers can choose from, such as:

Gray fox

This is the most common color and fur type that you can find, and it is made from farms and ranches in the United States. The color ranges from light to dark gray, with white, black, or even red shades. The fur is generally serviceable and sturdy, although not as luxurious and dense as other types of fox fur.

Blue fox

This type of fur comes from a breed of fox that can be found in Scandinavia, and it is highly-prized due to the beautiful bluish sheen of the coat.

Red fox

This type of fox is common all around the world in cold climates. The fur is generally strong, silky, and thick, but with foxes found in more northern countries, one will notice that the fur is of significantly better quality.

Silver fox

Most silver foxes are ranched, and it may be hard to find wild foxes to get this type of fur. Most silver fur coats have a silvery shade with tinges of blue and black, but the most prized shade is completely silver with a naturally-occurring black stripe.

White fox

For the top-of-the-line most luxurious type of fox fur, nothing beats natural white fox fur. The pristine white pelt with its ultra-dense underfur makes for an unbeatable luxury fox fur coat. Lower-quality white fox furs might have tinges of blue or gray, but virgin white coats are the most prized color.

 Choosing the Right Kind of Fox Fur Jacket

If you’re deciding what kind of luxury fox fur coat to purchase, you can choose between buying a brand new one or buying a vintage one. Here are some tips that you can use to find the right one for you:

Buying a New Jacket

Buying a new fox fur jacket guarantees that you will get a fresh product without any of the problems that you normally find with second-hand items such as damage or mildew. However, buying brand new means paying a price premium as well.

First, you must set a budget. Unless you’re lucky enough that money is no object, you should set a realistic budget for yourself. Even mid-quality luxury fox fur jackets can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the maker, the quality of the fur, and the type of jacket.

Next, you must choose the right type of jacket. There are several types of jackets you can choose from in terms of length, thickness, and function. You can choose depending on your climate, or the occasions where you will regularly use the jacket. You should also take into consideration your personal style and preference so that you can have a jacket that you can use in multiple styles and occasions.

Finally, once you have decided on a certain model, make sure that you are able to care for and maintain the jacket. Luxury fox fur jackets need a certain level of care and maintenance to preserve the softness and integrity of the jacket. Make sure that you are ready to invest in the proper cleaning and storage methods, otherwise, you might end up destroying your jacket by accident!

Buying a Vintage Jacket

If you are buying a luxury fox fur jacket on a budget or you want a jacket that has a little bit of personality, you can opt to buy a vintage jacket. While you do save money when buying vintage jackets, you will need to inspect the jacket thoroughly for damage, wear and tear, and signs of improper cleaning and storage such as mold. Remember, you generally don’t have a return or refund policy with vintage purchases, so check any vintage fox fur jacket carefully or you might end up with buyer’s remorse.