How to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding: 10 Tips

Many engaged couples dream of the perfect wedding. Having an idea of what you want is the easiest part. Unfortunately, planning the wedding is definitely the hardest work. So, if you both have decided on having a beach wedding, how do you plan one so that it can match what you have in your mind? Let us stick to tips that will surely help you plan your own wedding on the beach. The following guidelines will help you plan a simple beach wedding. You can also check Royalton Punta Cana’s beach wedding photos for great ideas. 

1. Plan a beach wedding like a pro and think of your budget

It is traditional to start planning your wedding by first considering its scale. This includes both quantity (number of guests) and quality (basically, everything else). The best approach to figuring out the budget is by creating a beach wedding plan checklist, with all the important items occupying the top and the least significant ones listed at the bottom.

This checklist helps you to prioritize, and you will then be able to find the appropriate price for each item on your list. It is important to have the following items on your list:

  • cost for the journey;
  • accommodation (hotel);
  • wedding attire for the bride and groom;
  • decoration and design;
  • catering and food;
  • reception entertainment;
  • guest expenses.

2. Choose whether it is a small, medium, or big wedding

Decide if this is going to be a big fairy tale wedding or a small beach wedding. The beach wedding you decide to have will also affect the overall cost. Make sure when you plan the perfect beach wedding, your decision is right for you and whether you want to have a small wedding with family and a few friends or a larger wedding before you booked the tickets. If you decide to have a large wedding, it is risky to do the planning on your own.

Hiring a wedding coordinator will make your job significantly easier. This enables you to focus on other important things, such as spending time with your fiance, and you can save more money by avoiding wrong decisions. A small wedding, on the other hand, is easier to plan. It costs less than a big one and there is less stress involved.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a large or small beach wedding – one thing to keep in mind is that your invited guests need updates. The best way of regularly updating them is by creating an email chain or social media group. This way, any changes to the date or announcement of the wedding theme can be made aware to them.

3. Decide the destination

When you plan a destination beach wedding, the place you eventually pick will be influenced by your budget, or vice versa. There are so many beautiful destinations with sandy beaches and a glorious view. All these destinations could be a great place to have a wedding, but Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic definitely stands out.

This destination is not only visually appealing but it also suitable if you plan a small beach wedding. In short, it is quite cost effective. But what else separates the Punta Cana from other beach destinations, apart from the beauty and affordability? Here are some additional reasons why Punta Cana is the right choice for you:

  • easy paperwork; 
  • beautiful resorts to choose from;
  • easy to request any assistance;
  • the warmth of the locals.

4. Plan a wedding on the beach and check the local rules

When you choose a destination for your wedding, make sure you look at all the rules and laws, specifically towards beach weddings. The worst thing that can happen is having your wedding halted because you violated certain rules you could have known about in advance. When you do this, you will know if you can use public beaches for a ceremony, make a magical backdrop, or find out if you can bring alcohol or play loud music.

When you find a beach resort that doesn’t allow you to do certain things, you might want to change your decision and find another place. For example, you can look up information on a Jellyfish restaurant wedding beach wedding for more information. There are so many destinations to choose from, so take your time and try your best to avoid any future discomfort.

5. Figure out the appropriate date

Setting a wedding date is a very important step in planning any kind of wedding. This step is even more important when planning a destination wedding because it gives you and your guest a time frame in which all the vital preparations can be made before the actual wedding. These include:

  • sending all wedding invites;
  • getting a wedding dress designed;
  • booking flight tickets;
  • preparing the right documents;
  • booking accommodations.

The annual climate also plays a key role in choosing a date. If you choose Punta Cana, it is more advisable to have your wedding between the months of March and May.

6. Attire and theme

Choosing the right attire and theme is very important and should not be excluded from the steps to plan a beach wedding. Why is this important though? Two factors play a major role here, and these are the climate and the sand. The Dominican Republic, for example, is located quite close to the equator and the best months to go might be too hot for a beach ceremony.

The fact that there will be sand everywhere is particularly important for the bride. You don’t want your dress and veil rubbing against the sand, do you? This means that brides are better off having light dresses without any long extensions.

In addition, with regard to the temperature, it is important to choose the right color for the attire and theme of the party. For beach weddings, white seems to be the go to color for most couples, and for the right reasons. White reflects heat so you and your guest will not worry about absorbing any. When it comes to fabric, choose a light and breathable one that also compliments you in your pictures. When thinking about the theme, it is very easy here, you can choose the marine/sea decorations, and also make a checklist for flowers and your favorite songs.

7. Do not forget about photography

Pictures and video have the best ways of capturing a great and beautiful moment in time that will be looked at in the future. When you plan beach wedding ceremony don’t leave out photography. You can hire your own photographer at the beach resort you are staying. Some resorts have a wedding package that allows you to have a photographer, this means you don’t have to bring one from home.

Destination beach weddings produce one of the best wedding pictures. The right photographer can capture the beauty of each and every moment on a photo. Consider the following before choosing the right photographer for you:

  • price;
  • portfolio;
  • personality;
  • past experience.

8. Choose the menu, food, and drinks

When planning food, you need to cover three main categories. These are the cake, drinks, and food for the guests (do not forget about vegan food). Remember that food can be a great way to impress your invites so make sure you do a good job. Many destination resorts will give you assistance when it comes to catering. In fact, you can give them complete control, and you won’t regret it.

We will use Punta Cana as an example. If any resort in this destination is your choice, you can enjoy amazing seafood which can be cooked with local cuisine. However, if you want to add some international flavors to the menu, you can simply request it and it is good as done.

The drinks for the reception will also be provided. These will be separated between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks so that there is something for everyone. 

9. Make your guests happy and think of entertainment

In addition to food, entertainment keeps the crowd around you happy. You need to consider one important thing before you decide on the type of entertainment you want for your reception. Will you have the reception indoors or outdoors? It is advisable to have the wedding ceremony outdoors followed by an indoor reception. However, if you choose to have an outdoor reception, make sure you understand the laws of doing so on the beach.

For entertainment, you can hire a live band and DJ. The musician experts can be also provided by the resort. In addition to this, the venue owners will also provide all the equipment needed for good entertainment. These include speakers, microphones, etc. You can also get a tiny boat ride as it’s by far could be your very favorite wedding activity where you can take lovely photos.

If you want, games could also be included in the entertainment. Remember that your goal is to impress your audience, make them feel comfortable, create nice memories and leave amazing vibes, therefore, any activity you think will do the job can be included.

10. Decide the duration of the ceremony and reception

Finally, it is important to consider how long the ceremony and reception will last. This part is also important because you want to stay away from getting your guest bored and tired if you want to make the event to long. You should also stay away from having a short event as it would leave the guests wanting more. The best answer here is to have a moderate event duration that will leave your guest happy and satisfied.

In conclusion, make sure you give your guests as much as possible by keeping them engaged in your wedding. At the end of the party, you can show appreciation for their presence, especially by having them participate in your photography sessions.

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