62 Striking Dotted Tattoos to Change the Game of Fashion

We all know the pain of getting inked, no matter how pretty it looks. But with extra-tiny dotted tattoos, you satiate your hunger for tattoos sans the pain and get it done easily. Be it fingers, neck, shoulder or somewhere else-dotted tattoos are creating a new rage in the world of fashion, owing to its subtlety.

Dotted tattoos grace every woman and beautify them like nothing else. One thing that dotted tattoos remind us of is that you don’t need something huge or big to create a statement. Tiny dots are enough to do the magic.

How to Adorn Your Body with Dotted Tattoos?

  • Unlike other abstract prints and designs, dotted tattoos have to inked on a plane where it is clearly visible and is able to create the statement. Get it inked on your shoulder region, in the design of shoulder drape jewelers to create an evergreen style. You can actually ditch your accessories because this tattoo does the needful.
  • You can even get them inked on one of your ears as per the latest trend. Ears could get nothing except for danglers and eardrops. So why not break the rule and give it pretty little-dotted tattoo designs for a change? Not only subtle, but they are high on creating a bold fashion statement, even with a dot.

 Say Yes To Dotted Tattoos And No To Old And Boring Bracelets

It’s a big hard task to keep filling your jewelry box with the latest accessories every time. If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of wearing accessories and all, then try considering bracelet dotted tattoo design. Giving others the look of a bracelet, these are extremely stylish and grace your wrists better than anything else.

Find out more about dotted tattoos ideas from the following gallery.

amazing arrow dotwork tattoo amazing dotwork back tattoo amazing dotwork lady tattoo amazing dotwork mandala tattoo amazing dotwork tattoo design

amazing eye dotwork tattoo amazing flower dotwork tattoo amazing owl dotwork tattoo design amazing tiger dotwork tattoo awesome clock dotwork tattoo awesome tree dotwork tattoo design back dotwork tattoo beautiful lotus dotwork tattoo bee dotwork tattoo cool antelope dotwork tattoo cool cat dotwork tattoo cool disneyland dotwork tattoo cool dotwork pattern tattoo cool dotwork shoulder tattoo cool dotwork sleeve tattoo cool dotwork tattoo sailor cool dotwork tattoo cool heart dotwork tattoo cool icecream tattoo cool lotus dotwork foot tattoo cool lotus dotwork tattoo cool mandala arm tattoo cool mandala tattoo for inner arm cool oasis dotwork tattoo cool octopus dotwork tattoo cool shiva dotwork tattoo cool tree dotwork tattoo cool wolf dotwork tattoo creative dotwork sleeve tattoo creative dotwork tattoo creative eye dot work neck tattoo creative flower tattoo dotwork creative stylish dotwork tattoo cute bear dotwork tattoo cute pattern dotwork tattoo cute rose dotwork tattoo with name dotwork couple tattoo feather dotwork tattoo floral dotwork tattoo funky skull dotwork tattoo gorgeous sleeve dotwork tattoo jellyfish dotwork tattoo lion dotwork tattoo lovely dotwork tattoo for leg magnificent dotwork tattoo most cute dotwork heart tattoo music lover dotwork tattoo perfect ankle tattoo perfect anchor dotwork tattoo perfect dotwork ankle tattoo perfect landscape dotwork tattoo perfect owl dotwork tattoo perfect rose dotwork tattoo design pretty bull dotwork tattoo pretty dotwork tattoo design fo arm stylish dotwork lunar tattoo ultimate dotwork tattoo

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