6 Fashion Secrets For Busy Moms

Motherhood is a full time job that can consume all your time and energy. It sure is rewarding however, after running around all morning to get your little ones ready, you barely manage to get dressed yourself. Is there a way to save time on home tasks and focus on yourself? What happened to your cool pre-children style?

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We’ve compiled some simple ways to help you look your best even on the worst of days.

1 Cut The Morning Beauty Routine Short

Instead of insisting on complete facial makeup, try saving some time by focusing on the basics. Some tinted moisturizer will cover the blemishes and add a subtle shine. Combine it with a good concealer used strategically under the eyes and around the nose. Finish with mascara and your favorite lip gloss. This routine takes no more than five minutes and will make you look fresh and rested.

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2 Emphasize The Best Features

Do you have full lips? Make everyone look at them by painting them red. Is your body curvy? Pinch some fashion ideas from curvalicious celebs like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. For instance, a simple wrap dress is great to highlight your best features. Trying to conceal the features you dislike on your body can be tiring and frustrating. Instead, busy mommies can save plenty of energy and time by putting an emphasis on their best features.

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3 Back To Basics

Many moms spend most of their time dressed in their most comfortable, basic clothes like jeans and T-shirts. So, why should these basics not be stylish? If you love wearing jeans, buy a great pair that fits perfectly and combines with other attractive fashion, be it shirts, blazers, or hoodies. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look great. Great denim will make you feel and look great. You’ll be able to save time in the morning because combining well-fitting jeans is quick and easy. Finally, quality denim will last longer and you won’t have to buy a new pair every month.

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4 Combine Comfort And Good Looks

Moms spend most of their time and energy on their kids rather than on themselves. That’s why they often choose comfort over good looks. That doesn’t have to be the case. You can have both comfort and style if you learn how to make awesome combinations. For instance, combining leggings with flip flops and your husband’s T-shirt will make you look messy. But if you opt for ballerina flats and a belted tunic instead, your look will instantly transform into effortless chic.

Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

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5 Simplicity Above All

Take a few style cues from celebrities – Angelina Jolie is a mom of six but she always looks well put together. How does she do it? By keeping it simple. Simplicity is an excellent approach for those that have to juggle multiple tasks on a daily basis. Keep things simple – the makeup, clothes, and accessories. This way you’ll manage to look polished without having to stand in front of your wardrobe trying to figure out how to combine different clothing items.

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6 Accessories Can Make The Difference

Even the simplest outfit (like a white/black T-shirt and jeans) can look outstanding when complemented with good accessories. Invest in some amazing shoes, a great watch, a funky hat,or excellent sunglasses. They look awesome but won’t hold you back when running after your little ones. A great oversized bag will not only elevate your whole outfit but will also come in handy for carrying around all the kids’ stuff. Add some cool jewelry like a necklace, earrings, or bracelets.

Fashion Accessories

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These items don’t have to be expensive but will make you look like a stylish mama.