56 Easy Glitter Nail Design Ideas for Sporting the Cool Look

Women love to stay updated with latest fashion trends. Gone are the days when applying a simple shade of colour on nails was enough to be fashionable. Today, nail art is essential to make your nails look as pretty as your dress, footwear, etc. Well-designed nails enhance the overall appeal of a woman. Though normal nail art designs work well with casual attires, nails decorated with glitter are best for parties, birthdays, weekends, etc. This nail design adds bling and spark to the hands of a woman. There are plenty designs that can make you nail art stand out – shades of blue with glitters at the base, glitters in geometric shapes with matt background, charcoal glitters on copper base, jet black nails with a silver glittery boundary line, golden glitters on royal blue glittery base and so on.

Things Required

  • Nail Polish– You can choose any nail polish but keep in mind that a shiny shade would leave a glossy finish to your nails in this nail art design. Moreover, the more nail paint, the better would be the effect.
  • Loose Powdered Glitter– You can opt for eye shadow glitter pigmentation also.
  • A Clear Nail Paint– It is required for the top coat.
  • Base Coat– This is optional, works well for the protection of the nails.

How to Get Glitter Nail Design Easily?

  • Apply the base coat.
  • Paint your nails with your favourite shade.
  • Place the glitter pot on a table.
  • Dip the clear nail polish into the glitter pot.
  • Start applying it on your nails from the centre portion.
  • Let it dry, apply top coat.

You can either select the same colour of nail paint and glitter or go for a combination of two. The use of two different colours can look more vibrant and give an ombre effect to the glitter nail design. Look at the fashionable gallery now and enjoy!

Acrylic nails glitter with gelpolish & 3D pistols Acrylic nails with glitter, gelpolish & rhinestones Beautiful Retro Pattern and Golden Glitter Nails black marble nails Blue glitter fade

classy bottle green glitter nail art classy bronze glitter nail art classy bronze shellac glitter nail art classy glitter golden nail art classy glitter nail art classy glitter nails classy inspired glitter nail art classy nude glitter nail art classy nude golden glitter nail art classy shellac glitter nail art classy silver golden glitter nail art classy yellow glitter nail art custom gel glitter nails cute blue and pink glitter nail art cute brown glitter nail art cute colorful glitter nail art cute flamingo glitter nail art cute green glitter nail art cute purple glitter nail art with a dash of black cute red glitter nail art cute silver glitter nail art with a dash of white cute white glitter nail art with a dash of sparkle Gel on natural nails with glitter dust Glitter an chrome nails glitter bronze marble nails glitter finish with Black Diamond glitter dust Glitter placement optical illusion nails glittering hearts gorgeous glitter nails for weekend Holographic Glitter nail art holographic glitter set killer glitter nails Lovely glitter nails Matte black and lavender glitter matte vs glossy glitter nail art Mermaid inspired glitter stiletto nails perfect glitter nail art Perfect pink glitter nail art Perfect purple glitter nail art pink shiny glitter nail art pretty brown glitter nail art red glitter nil art rhinestone glitter nail art rhinestones glitter nail art simple blue glitter nails simple glitter summer nails simple pink floral nail art sophisticated glitter nail art stylish glitter nail art very cute glitter nail art Very sparkly pastel colour nails

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