46 Super Gorgeous Prom Nail Art Designs To Try This Year

Super gorgeous prom nail art designs are possible to try with the help of different nail polishes and several tools. If you are a beginner, then selection of right tools can be a little challenging. Hence, it is always better to opt for simple tools that help you to experiment with eye-catching and beautiful prom nail art ideas. If you would like to wear a complex prom nail design then it is better to use the services of experienced nail artists.

What kind of nail paints you should choose?

For getting perfect prom nails, you need to buy the right kind of nail polish. While buying nail polish, make sure that you pick the one that is smooth and has considerably thick consistency. Only a good quality nail paint can help you in achieving the desired results. It does not mean that you necessarily have to shop for the most expensive one available in the market. For enhanced results, you can also buy a top coat, which is a clear liquid and is applied over the colored nail polish. This coating also imparts an attractive shine to the nails.

What basic prom nail art you can buy?

Wide varieties of prom nail art supplies are available in the market. You actually do not require an extensive collection of implements for achieving great results. However, it is good to have some basic tools like-

  • Nail Art Tape– Adhesive tape is a must-have while assembling your prom nail art tool kit. The tape helps to paint different parts of the nail with different colors. The tape helps to create stripes, geometric patterns, and lines.
  • Stampers And Image Plates– They allow you to come up with extensive designs such as animal silhouettes, detailed flowers, sceneries, paw prints, trees, characters and much more. Just make sure to transfer the prints quickly without allowing them to dry.
  • Nail art brushes– You can buy prom nail art brushes individually or in a set. Sets are usually cost-effective as compared to buying brushes individually. You can buy delicate brushes, fan-shaped brushes, and thin stripers depending on the design you plan to paint.
  • Nail art dotters– A nail dotter is similar to a stylus pen. The tool helps to place dots or circles of different colors of nail paints onto the nails.

All you need is the right kind of tools, creativity, a steady hand and an eye for art to try out the amazing prom nail art designs collected for you to choose. Have fun and look awesome at your prom night!

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